- Moroccan Birthday Party -

Bellevue, Nebraska - 19 May 2007



The idea behind the decor is to create a Moroccan-theme atmosphere, focusing on colors that are prominent in Morrocan culture - blue, green, and gold.

-- Buffet Table --

As with any events, the buffet table is the center of attraction. We decided to make it the focus of the room by creating an elaborate decor for the buffet table.

The beautiful gold & copper branches adored with jewels, candles, and green spider mums, create a festive yet elegant decors for the buffet table.

The colorful serving plates are not only functional, but they also add beautiful colors to the table.

-- Sign Holders --


The use of green apples, wound with gold wire as food-sign holders, adds a unique touch to the buffet table.

And of course, a beautiful buffet table wont be complete without the great foods.

-- Beverage / Dessert Stations --

The beautiful and colorful lanterns make a perfect center piece for the beverage & dessert stations.


-- Seating Area --

We bring the Moroccan theme to the seating area by utilizing colorful cloths, pillows, and lanterns.

-- Moroccan Night --

As the day gets darker, the lights get brighter ...

Small, colorful lanterns create a pathway to the house and will get the guests guessing of what to come.

The center piece for the buffet table looks more vibrant as the sun goes down.

Lights & reflections - a simple way to add characters to a room.

Design & decors by D-TALES . Photography by Adela & Armand Koentjoro.

Contact: Adela Koentjoro . E-mail: design@d-tales.us . Mailing Address: P.O. Box 34733, Omaha, NE 68134.

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