Omaha, NE - 08 February 2008

Enam's Baby Shower

Theme Colors: Purple, Yellow, and White.

Background: Enam wanted a color combination that is perfect for a baby girl, but does not involve pink. We decided to go with different shades of purple, with a touch of yellow and white.

-- Buffet Table --

Sometimes simplicity can create more DRAMA!!

We tried to keep the buffet table simple, elegant, yet eye-catching, by using different shapes and sizes of clear glass vases, holding different types and shades of purple flowers.

Purple tulips and purple hydrangeas were the perfect choice of flowers.

Submerged purple lilies added an elegant touch to the table, while yellow tulips added a punch of yellow and also functioned as food-sign holders.

-- Favor Table --

A Beautiful Favor Table.

We carried the color themes to the favor table through purple flowers and purple, yellow, & white candies.

** Origami Storks **

To add uniqueness to the favor table, we decided to create little origami storks, each carried a favor on its neck. We use different colors and patterns of origami papers, which made the favor table more festive.

The birds acted both as a decoration and as something special that the guests can keep.

** Sweets **

Multi-color rock candies and M & M's.

You can't go wrong with "chocolates that don't melt in your hand" ...

** More chocolates!! **

-- Something special!! --

Message Table: We used hollowed-out egg shells, decorated with color ribbons, to hold messages for Enam and her little baby girl.

Small white ceramic jars filled with purple dry flowers added a nice touch to the fire mantel.

The baby's room will be decorated in a safari theme, so we decided to give the mom-to-be a safari-themed sash ...

A keepsake box.

Design + decors by D-TALES . Photography by Adela + Armand Koentjoro .

Contact: Adela Koentjoro . E-mail: . Mailing Address: P.O. Box 34733, Omaha, NE 68134.

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